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From Principal Dentist –
Dr Luma Jabbar

Dr Luma graduated as a Dental Surgeon in 1998, and obtained her Masters degree in Prosthodontics in 2000. In 2013, Luma completed Momentum Management program, a 30 months study primarily designed to enhance patient’s and practice management in order to provide excellent services and best care to the patients. Luma can fully relate to how some patients feel about visiting the dentist, she herself had a bad dental experience in her childhood, and since becoming a dentist, Luma has committed herself to making her patients experience when visiting the office as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Luma’s vision to provide an unforgettable experience to her patients and a great environment to her team was entirely captured and realized by the practice management.

From the extra modern and relaxing practice design, the high tech equipment that makes the treatment as safe and painless as it can be, the extensive training provided to the Pearl Radiance Studio team to aim for perfection, through to entertainment for children and adults in the guest room. You can watch TV on the extra-large screen, read the latest magazines, or just sit and relax with a drink from our carefully selected range of the finest coffee and tea. Luma very much appreciates and enjoys the fact that the majority of her new patients are referred by family members or friends that have seen Luma and were touched by her kindness and genuine care. Luma enjoys working with children and apprehensive patients. In her spare time, Luma enjoys working as a volunteer to serve the community.

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