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What are dentures?

The Dentures are used as a replacement for missing teeth. They are custom-made and can be taken out and put back into your mouth. While they may take some getting used to and don’t feel exactly the same as natural teeth, modern-day Dentures in Eatons Hill are natural-looking and more comfortable than they have ever been before.

Dentures in Eatons Hill

What are the benefits and uses of dentures?

In addition to providing a replacement for missing teeth, dentures will help improve your appearance and your smile. Without support from the denture, facial muscles sag over time making you appear older than you are. As a practical replacement for teeth, dentures help you to eat and speak more comfortably.We provide Dentures in Eatons Hill

Dentures in Eatons Hill

How are dentures made?

The time it takes for dentures to be made varies depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the quality of the denture required. Dentures can be constructed over one to four visits to the dentist. Your denture options will be discussed with you by your dentist before starting the treatment.

Dentures in Eatons Hill